Popularity contest: Which council candidate is winning in your ward?

Admitedly, social media doesn't tell the whole story, but in today's media-obsessed culture it is always fun to observe.

In the table below, we've gathered up the latest data on city council candidate's Twitter accounts. We've presented it sorted by ward, then by number of followers, the most followers to least. Feel free to sort the table any way you like -- just click on the header you want to sort by -- to get a sense of the numbers.

What stands out at first glance is an outlier like Benjamin Dichter with a whopping 100,000+ followers -- that's three times more than previous mayoralty candidate, Sarah Thompson, and almost seven times more than the councilor he is aiming to unseat, Kristyn Wong-Tam. At this rate, Dichter might even catch up to Toronto mayor Rob Ford (178k followers). There must be an interesting story there.

While Twitter followers or social media savvy may not be a deciding factor in a race, people across the country applaud personalities like Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi (190k followers) for his candid and witty remarks online.

Then there's Derek Power. A dashing Twitter profile photo, but only three followers! (Admission, I think that we were the first to follow the candidate). You should probably follow him because Twitter isn't very much fun with only three followers.

Enjoy the table below, and let us know what you think!

(And, keep in mind that only candidates who've provided a link to their Twitter account are included. Know of a candidate's Twitter account that is missing? Drop us a line.)

Photo Ward Name Follower Count
2Abukar, Munira1892
2Adeoba, Benn308
24Ai, Randy15
43Ainslie, Paul359
7Aitchison, Scott448
3Alvarez, Roberto17
18Alves, Paul20288
29Andre, Dave357
20Andreae, Mike272
15Aryeh-Bain, Chani11
9Augimeri, Maria4903
1Ayub, Akhtar4
1Baig, Arsalan221
18Bailão, Ana5731
32Baker, Bruce98
37Balachandran, Niranjan6
43Bartley, Alonzo146
3Bauk, George6
18Beckett, Bobby46
44Beckmann, Graham7
15Belkadi, Ahmed151
33Bell, Paul81
35Berardinetti, Michelle3702
28Blackmore, David41
39Blueman, Christopher5953
35Bocking, Paul348
30Borden, Mark74
40Borenstein, Josh16
8Boucher, Princess316
16Boutros, Jean-Pierre1631
5Bowie, Guy36
19Bowman, Scott69
17Bravo, Alejandra1840
10Bucao, Randy21
2Bueno-Bradley, Edmund126
1Burale, Idil1245
19Burello, Albina19
32Burke, Alan17
26Burnside, Jon438
32Bussin, Sandra739
21Bustamante, Ted91
4Campbell, John137
2Caravaggio, David616
16Carmichael Greb, Christin370
4Carnevale, Angelo131
33Carroll, Shelley10111
20Carty-Kegel, Stephanie42
11Chalhoub, Dory26
7Chambers, John323
44Chhabra, Amarjeet1006
42Chin, Dwayne6
42Cho, Raymond125
4Christensen, Niels95
20Christoff, Daryl516
20Chu, Terri537
16Coll, Michael1235
15Colle, Josh36
43Colterman, Jason390
3Comeau, Greg349
16Conacher, Sean108
36Crawford, Gary90
20Cressy, Joe2754
1Crisanti, Vincent1976
1Crooks, Patricia59
9Cusimano, Gus120
5D'Aversa, Tony14
27DAmours, Alain46
16Darby, Charm120
31Davis, Janet223
32de Boer, Eric1052
28Derome, Gerald53
5Desilets, Raymond32
5Di Ciano, Justin115
12Di Giorgio, Frank58
7Di Nizio, Nick119
27Dichter, Benjamin114508
25Diep, Kim28
12Dominelli, Nick63
2Domise, Andray3626
13Doucette, Sarah284
14Emerson, Charmain449
10Epstein, David177
30Farrow, Jane2281
3Fenech, Peter524
9Fernando, Anthony515
23Filion, John1660
30Fletcher, Paula3200
6Ford, Russ305
24Fox, Dan3174
29Fragedakis, Mary3966
3French, Dean254
24Galea, Michael18
16Gallezot, Thomas432
32Garcia, Maria444
39Giannini, Cozette136
20Goldstein, Sam156
32Graff, Brian350
6Grimes, Mark503
44Hall, Diana71
15Harari, Eduardo1000
16Heaney, Gary32
7Henry-Mathieu, Keegan856
20Hollings, Graham180
3Holyday, Stephen17
25Hostler, Tanya59
28Hughes, Jonathan185
18Hunt, Jolene614
3Hutcheon, Annette4
34Hynes, Mary434
33Inthisorn, Khamphay30
20Kapoor, Anshul576
39Karygiannis, Jim2319
23Kedzior, Carmen4452
40Kelly, Norm90
14Kirby, Tim94
20Koehl, Albert108
14Koutoumanos, Gus39
13Kulish, Taras248
2Lagakos, Theo84
41Lai, Cynthia41
2LaRocque, Luke518
27Lawrance, Robin2
6Laxer, Michael412
19Layton, Mike17353
41Lee, Chin380
16Levitan, Steven63
39Li, Derek15
20Louie, Tonny108
7Mac Donald, Chris382
20MacDonald, Charles103
31MacDonald, Brenda98
44Maguire, Paul182
29Martyn, Hank16
22Matlow, Josh375
18Mazer, Alex1817
28McConnell, Pam575
27McIver, Megan723
44McKelvie, Jennifer378
32McMahon, Mary-Margaret333
28Melnyk, Andy21
16Metter, Elana96
21Mihevc, Joe6776
16Mills, Terry67
1Minhas, Avtar7
34Minnan-Wong, Denzil6020
44Moeser, Ron799
36Mohebzada, Masihullah222
42Mondal, Somu918
20Morrison, Philip65
3Moskalyk, John98
6Moulder, Peggy21
23Mousavi, David172
36Musters, Andre19
8Narain, Suzanne144
39Ng, Franco40
44Nielsen, Arlene4797
20Novak, Sam67
12Nunziata, John736
11Nunziata, Frances83
6O'Callaghan, Sean55
12Olawoye, Lekan590
29Papadakis, John12
31Papadakis, George30
23Park, Kun-Won15
26Parker, John204
10Pasternak, James48
28Patel, Daniel48
1Patri, Gurinder6
13Pavlov, Nick43
13Perez, Alex82
14Perks, Gord432
8Perruzza, Anthony165
18Power, Derek10
9Quattrociocchi, Danny134
28Rama, Raj695
42Ramana, Venthan7
25Robinson, Jaye89
18Rodrigues, Robert136
18Romao, Elsa863
44Ross, Richard86
38Rueckert, Theodore5
42Sabaratnam, Neethan67
5Samac, Nikola86
19Sawision, George1188
17Selvam, Saeed1197
35Shaikh, Saima15
42Shan, Neethan1798
31Sherbanowski, Janet39
20Shermack, Kat245
38Sidiq, Aysha150
8Smitherman, Arthur127
26Sparrow, David466
16Spence, Paul38
36Spencer, Robert406
27Stone, Jordan35
25Streker, Nikola40
5Surma, Kinga111
32Suttor, Carmel56
16Tanel, Adam204
37Thompson, Michael14
20Thomson, Sarah31585
36Tobin, Christian117
10Toutchinski, Igor62
30Trayes, Daniel113
13Tummillo, Evan47
31Turnbull, Mark1
18Uddin, Mohammed100
35Uddin, Shahid15
26Vania, Wasim25
6Vella, Tony224
26Velshi, Ishrath194
4Vidal-Calvet, Oscar52
29Vlachos, Jimmy25
30West, Liz275
42Williams, Sherri-Anne35
16Williams, Bob5
38Winson, Kevin54
27Wolvin, Rob614
27Wong-Tam, Kristyn15028
35Woychesko, Jason33
20Wright, Nick1411
20Yen, Mike695
28Yilmaz, Sean221
16Youssefi, Dyanoosh505

A first look at more than 40 Toronto District School Board candidates

We've collected every Toronto District School Board candidate's Twitter profile photo that we could find so you don't have to visit 40+ separate websites to get a sense of who is running.

For the first time all the TDSB candidates Twitter profile photos on one page. Drop us a note in the comment section below and let us know what it says to you.

Hover over any of the photos above to find out who the candidate is and where they are running. Click on the photo for more info.

And, by the way, all of the candidate profile pages now have profile photos!

A first look at more than 200 city council candidates

We've collected every city council candidate's profile photo that we could find so you don't have to visit 200+ separate websites to get a sense of who is running.

For the first time all the candidates photos on one page. Drop us a note in the comment section below and let us know what it says to you.

Hover over any of the photos above to find out who the candidate is and where they are running. Click on the photo for more info. Here's an image of the photo collection above, if you'd like to share.

Help us find information on these eight candidates for city council

Yesterday we announced on Twitter that we now have an e-mail for each and every candidate running for school board trustee in the upcoming election. Why is this important? Well, for starters, There’s no excuse for ignoring the school board election; if you have a friend or relative with public school-aged children, it's an important vote.

Similarly, we've been striving to reach 100% coverage of city council candidates in terms of contact information. We already believe that we have the most complete open dataset of information on candidates thanks to some elbow grease and your ongoing contributions -- but we want to get to 100%! Can you help us get there?

We're missing an e-mail address for these eight candidates:

Pitching in is easy: just ask yourself "Who do I know who would know these individuals?" and then reach out and see if you can locate their contact information. A quick search on a site like Canada411 and a few phone calls can also get the job done.

If you live in one of the wards listed above, maybe you even have their flyer sitting in that pile of papers near your front door? If so, just snap a photo of it and send it out way.

Just ten minutes can make a difference! Thanks to more than 20 contributions from people just like you, we got to where we are today. Together, we can get to 100%.

More than 100 updates to council & TDSB candidate information

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Just a quick reminder: Every Candidate is a 100% open-source & citizen-driven initiative -- we rely on individuals like you: each person who contributes a few minutes of their time helps us to maintain what we believe to be the most complete set of information on the 358 candidates for city council and the 127 candidates for school board trustee.

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