Open Data

The (very small) "team" at Every Candidate is passionate about "open data," and very thankful for the state of open data at the City of Toronto (and in Canada in general).

That said, there's still a lot of information that requires some shoe leather to get one's hands on.

We've done our best to lay a foundation here that we and others can build on, including information on candidates previous municipal election contributions and registrations, appearances in the city's lobbyist registry system and more.

We've published most of the information (minus a fun "scoop" or two) as a Google Spreadsheet, and as good ol' CSV. The data is available to copy, re-mix, extend, or re-distribute. If you want to be super-cool, you could link to Every Candidate in return if you use the data.

The information was collected from public sources and we cannot guarantee its accuracy (though we tried hard to get it right). If you see something that's wrong, please help us correct it by sending us a quick e-mail.

There is still lots of data to gather from public sources! If you're a journalism student or aspiring civic researcher, please get in touch. You would be amazed what you can get done in a few hours with some basic research skills.